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Hello! This is how it began.

Sage Lifestyle Concierge is founded with a simple goal: to help aging adults and their families navigate the complex world of aging services. But as the clients' needs diversify,our mission expanded to include a focus on lifestyle management as well.

Sun-Hee Yoon, the founder and CEO of Sage Lifestyle Concierge, knew firsthand how difficult it could be to manage the daily tasks and responsibilities that come with caring for an aging loved one, who required assistance with tasks like household management, running errands, and social interaction.

Determined to help others in similar situations, Sun-Hee expanded the services offered by Sage Lifestyle Concierge to include a focus on lifestyle management. In addition to helping families find the right care and support, the company now provides a range of services designed to help aging adults maintain a high quality of life.


For example, if an aging adult had mobility issues and needed assistance with running errands or household tasks, Sage Lifestyle Concierge would provide a trained caregiver to help. If an aging adult was feeling isolated and lonely, the company would provide companionship and social interaction to help them stay connected with their community.

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​Sun-Hee Yoon​

  • Founder / CEO of Sage Lifestyle Concierge LLC​

  • OPRF Chamber of Commerce - Health and Wellness Affinity Group Co-Chair​

  • Ageoptions - Member of Illinois Family Caregiver Coalition​

  • Ageoptions - Advocacy Task Force​

  • Former owner/Director of Eye Level Learning Center at Morton Grove, IL ​

  • Hospitality Management professional

Sun-Hee Yoon

Why Sage Lifestyle Concierge?

The World Health Organization defines active aging as "the process of optimizing opportunities for health, participation, and security in order to enhance quality of life as people age." However, finding the products and services is difficult for the customers and often requires long search sessions, diligent research skills, and a lot of time.

What is missing is the ability to integrate a search with the person's needs; a navigator to help identify the needs in light of specific conditions or life stage; the companies, products, and services that would be of assistance matched to their location; and then a referral to the company.


That's where Sage Lifestyle Concierge comes in, and we are here to tackle the challenges, and find the solutions for our customers to improve the quality of life. 

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