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Lifestyle Management

Life is short. We want you to enjoy every single minute of it! Sage Lifestyle Concierge is here to save you time. 


You have a lot of energy to do the things you love, but don’t want to spend that energy on tedious tasks. Things like home maintenance, scheduling appointments, or researching your next adventure take time. Stop spending your energy on pesky tasks!


Sage Lifestyle Concierge has experience connecting you to trusted providers who can handle your tasks to save you time.

We have experience doing the following: 

  • Becoming a liaison to your home maintenance professionals (plumbers, electricians, cleaners, landscapers, etc)

  • Supervising your property when you are out of town

  • Scheduling medical appointments 

  • Booking entertainment, lodging and transportation

Are you ready to use your energy on the things you love?


Our approach is simple. 


Step 1. You meet with us to discuss your needs. 

Step 2. We create a comprehensive plan.

Step 3. We partner with you to accomplish your goals. 


Let us save you time! Call us today. 

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