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To help older adults and their families to navigate trusted services,

to maintain independent lifestyle,

and to stay active in the community.

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To age with limitless possibilities

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About Sage Lifestyle Concierge

Sage Lifestyle Concierge is founded with a simple goal: to help aging adults and their families navigate the complex world of aging services. 

Sun-Hee Yoon, the founder and CEO of Sage Lifestyle Concierge, knows firsthand the feeling of helplessness when a loved one needs support. She learned to overcome the bureaucracy of insurance, multitasking of appointments, coordination with multiple service providers among many other things. All these lessons were learned while ensuring her loved one was treated with respect and dignity through their aging journey.

Determined to help others in similar situations, Sun-Hee founded Sage Lifestyle Concierge in 2022.


Today, we offer a range of services designed to help aging adults maintain a quality of life, and social interaction to help them stay connected with their community.

We do this by bringing financial, medical, legal, healthcare, and senior living industry professionals together to create comprehensive personalized guides to make the aging process easier for all.

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Sun-Hee Yoon​​​

  • OPRF Chamber of Commerce - 2024 Board of Directors

  • Arbor West Neighbors - 2024 Board of Directors

  • AgeOptions - Member of Illinois Family Caregiver Coalition​

  • AgeOptions - Advocacy Task Force​

  • Member of Illinois Continuity of Care 

  • Former owner/Director of Eye Level Learning Center at Morton Grove, IL ​

Sun-Hee Yoon
a man riding a snowboard down a snow covered slope_edited.jpg
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